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We have teamed up with the divine Alchemy of the Earth:

They have the yummiest cacao I've ever tried and I've tried lots 🤣

To bring you a beautiful gift of love healing & indulgence.


Each day can be a ritualistic one, enhancing the enchanted life's we live.

1 x Soy Candle infused with labradorite ( A high vibrational crystal, thats harnesses inner magic & strengttens courage)

1x Soy small Candle with labradorite.

1x Bath bomb infused with rose petals & rose quartz (the crystal stone of unconditional love )

1x 200g Pervian 100% Ceremonial grade cacao. ( A gift of the gods, natural healthy chocolate)

Each product is indiviually & uniquely handcrafted, with love, intention & ritual.


All products used are natural, plant based & sustainable.

Be it a gift of appreciation to yourself or for a loved one, this is a wonderful package.

Set the mood, the intention, sip the cacao, soak in a luxurious bath by candle light .

Enjoyed in a celebration of self love ❤️ or perfect to be shared.

Although we believe everyday

Is a reason for love, valentines is just across the corner ❤️ so no better excuse to love up on someone or yourselves.

To purchase this package 📦 £40 with free postage.

Self love club 💕

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