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Contains Lapis lazuli throat chakra bath bomb. Made with coconut milk epsom salt, oat, banana and apricot kernel oil for silky soft skin.Smoke BundlePaolo Santo ethically sourced smoke bundle with selenite. In a Pearl River shell. Align(Tea)ment Herbal tea A soothing blend of Lemonbalm chamomile 🌺 rose 🌹 and lavender💜Comes with a selection of tumble stones to supercharge your  tea🫖To help you unwind and get into alignment with your true self.Soy wax candle topped with amethyst and lavender sprigs.Lavender is surprisingly one of the most potent anti bacterial oils. So naturally cleans the air in your home. With the additional benefits of being Deeply relaxing. Celestite ClusterA stone that helps you to centre.  Is wonderful tool for mindfulness 🧘‍♀️ meditation. Gazing into it’s beautiful blue crystals puts you in a state of pure peace and bliss. 

Care package/ gift box

Two weeks
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