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Enchanted Moon Collection

Connect with your spiritual side and higher self by honouring these powerful moon phases. 

The ritual of lighting a flame to connect with our ancestors goes back thousands of years. 

All three of these moon phases have powerful manifestation energies. 

You can honour each phase and tap into the unique energy that is available to you.  

Manifest your desires, by creating a ritual using candles crystals and self-care. 

Image by Jeremy Perkins

New Moon

Candle/ Ritual Set

Black Pearl Orchard and Cinnamon with Onyx Crystal 

Image by Javardh

Full Moon 

Candle/ Ritual Set

Vannilla and Star Anise 

With Rose Quartz and Tourmaline

Image by Luke Stackpoole

Crescent  Moon 

Candle/ Ritual Set

Pixie Dust and Cedarwood with


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